Tuesday, June 28, 2011


for us to realize what we have done with our lives..
we just have to ask ourselves..
question back..
what have we done..

We claim that we are the muslims,
who Allah has granted with His tarbiyyah..
we said that we are gratelful for His present to us..

but sometimes..
maybe we just have to ask ourselves back..
if we claim that we are grateful,
did we try to our very best to improve ourselves?
learn more from everything that Allah has set around us?

we said that we have worked..
for Him..
but let us question back ourselves..
did we?
if so, then..
why there were whispers in our hearts that said:
you have not push yourselves to the limit for Him..

may Allah gives me the strength to be a better muslim..
the one who speaks to others, speaks to oneself..

1 comment:

  1. nak share something..

    "kayuh la pelan2.."
    betul, perubahan perlukn waktu dan berperingkat..

    tp bak kata ustz salam..

    "biar kayuhan yg perlahan itu, sehabis laju bg kita.."

    salam mujahadah sheri =)